Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are deployed instantly, as soon as your order and payment is received. VPS are flexible Linux or Windows based environments that allow you a virtual workspace and server that gives you all the benefits of having a full enterprise server, only with numerous additional benefits.

Avoid paying for resources that you do not need, avoid the hassle of maintaining hardware or replacing hardware when issues inevitably occur. Avoid provisioning delays, be up and running right away and access your server with full root (Linux) or full Administrator access (Windows) and have the ability to remotely manage your server from an intuitive control panel, a panel you do not have to install, maintain, and one that gives you tons of features for easy administration. Upgrade resources quickly and easily when needed.

It’s no wonder why virtual private servers are so popular for businesses, power-users, entrepreneurs, developers, and those looking for an alternative to putting their intellectual property on a public cloud environment.

What’s Different About a BandwidthServer VPS?

Dare to compare? We offer some of the most feature-filled VPS solutions around. You won't find all of these included with other hosts at the value we offer!

Premium KVM Virtualization

Unlike other virtualization technologies, we only use the most production ready virtualization technology to provide you with the very best stability, ability to run your own kernel, and the most flexibility that allows you to scale resources at any time!

Easily Upgrade or Downgrade

We offer such a wide variety of solutions that we have something for everyone. Each of which are provided with an immense amount of bandwidth! Quickly and easy scale resources as needed - get exactly what you need, all the time!

No Noisy Neighbors & Privacy Guaranteed

Our automated resource balancing ensures that at no time will you be affected by neighbors and their resource utilization. Additionally, you're safe and secure with secure segmentation. Your data will remain your own at all times!

Real Friendly Support

We offer the best, cater our services to the best, and we only hire the best for our clients. Our support is available to you at all times with the simple opening of a ticket. Rest assured that we're here, proactively monitoring, but also capable of addressing any issues that you may ever bring to our attention!

Auto-Monitoring DDoS-Protection

Our network and all of our VPS services are protected by advanced, always-on, auto-montoring DDoS protection that mitigates even the biggest and most up-to-date attacks. Our self-healing network means you stay online no matter what!

Premium Bandwidth to the MAX

You won't find a better deal here. We have high capacity commitments with the very best carriers. Whether you run a small site or a huge streaming service, you won't find a better value anywhere. We guarantee it!

Choose the Perfect Plan

We know one size doesn't fit all and we know you do too! Take advantage of one of our most popular plans, but if you need anything different, just let us know.

Features Starter Power Professional Extreme

CPU Cores

1 2 4 8

Disk Space

25GB 40GB 60GB 120GB




10TB 15TB 20TB 50TB

IP Addresses

1 IPv4 / 50 IPv6 1 IPv4 / 50 IPv6 1 IPv4 / 50 IPv6 1 IPv4 / 50 IPv6










Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade to a higher package later?
We make it simple to upgrade or adjust your package at any time to meet YOUR needs. If you ever find yourself approaching any limits that need to be adjusted, simply let us know and we'll help you out with whatever is the best option for YOU. Whether you just need more RAM, or you're ready to step up to a completely higher plan, we'll get you what you need!
Can I get additional IPv4 or IPv6 address space?
Absolutely. These are the pre-defined packages that we offer that meet the needs for a large majority, but we know you're unique and we are here to make sure you get what YOU need. Whether you want to add additional space to an existing service, or you are inquiring about a new service, just let us know and we'll take care of the rest!
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Sign up today and give us a chance, risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied, let us know. We might be able to resolve the problem and if not, you're covered by a 3-day money-back guarantee. Rest assured, you're taken care of!
What if I outgrow a VPS service?
We're glad to be apart of your story and behind the scenes of your success. If you outgrow a VPS service, we offer a wide range of more powerful solutions that range from the simple to the very complex. From the self-managed to the fully-managed. You'll receive the same great value regardless of what you need. At any time, just let us know if your needs change!

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